Studio 3’s commissioning service provides shoppers with a unique opportunity to order a customised ceramics piece. Please note that depending on the kiln schedule and current demand, it may take up to six weeks before an order is ready.

Anne supplies ceramics and porcelainware to gift shops, interior decorators and stores, hotels and conference venues, individuals seeking personalised homeware or unique gifts, art galleries and restaurants.
Anne takes orders for any ceramic (porcelain and stoneware) products, but she specialises in creating functional items that are used in daily life, like cups, utensil-holders, bowls and plates.

Some of Anne’s top sellers:

Studio 3 uses studio-made clay

Studio 3’s ceramics are made from their own unique clay recipe. The clay is sourced and purchased in powder form. Anne uses a combination of kaolin (a white clay) and ball clay (for plasticity) and fireclay (for colour). This powdered clay is then combined with water and mixed in an industrial mixer to give the perfect mix. The clays tend to vary based on where it’s mined and what is available at that time.

Studio 3 uses hand-mixed glaze

Like her clay, Anne also mixes her own glazes. Studio 3’s ceramics are fired in a gas kiln through a reduction firing process. This means, at a certain temperature during the process, the oxygen levels are reduced resulting in a higher carbon atmosphere, drawing out the oxides in the glaze for a more vividly-coloured final product. The end result can vary slightly due to external factors – like air pressure, wind, and temperature. This is what gives each item, even those that are part of a set, its own character.

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